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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 360 mLearning Report from eLearning Guild

The 360 mLearning report from the eLearning Guild is now available to download.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the OK to release the two case studies I had prepared for the report in time for the publication, however, there are two excellent case studies included with this report:

Case Study: Integrating m-Learning with a Learning Management SystemTristan
Evans, president of Perago Learning Solutions, Inc., explains how his company
integrated m-Learning with a Learning Management System, and how you can do the
Case Study: A Look at Mobility within the Walls of Tyco International,
Ltd.Don McDougal, Director of Learning Technology at Tyco International shares a
view into his company’s mobility strategy, and provides us with a unique
opportunity to see their progression from pioneers to accomplished experts.

Download the full report from the eLearning Guild here: