Saturday, August 12, 2006

M-Learning in India

It seems the developing world is embracing m-learning at a far greater pace than the US and other 'technological' countries. I attribute this to the fact that not everyone is 'wired', so mobile phones have exploded as the primary communications device.

Now, learn through your mobile phones
Barkha Shah / Hyderabad August 09, 2006
Learning has just acquired a new – nimbler – form. While e-learning is still being used as a supplementary tool to the conventional forms of learning, a new method of knowledge addition called m-learning has emerged in the global scenario.

M-learning or mobile learning refers to the deployment of training programmes on wireless handheld devices, like cell phones and personal digital assistants.

Not many in India would have heard of the m-learning concept, as it requires the use of advanced phones with 3G technology or BlackBerry devices. more


Matthew Nehrling said...

Note: Obviously this is incorrect in the statement that mLearning requires a 3G device. Any mobile device can be a mLearning device and some of the best campaigns I've run have been through simple means such as text messaging.

Geeta said...

As a teacher educator I have conducted a project whereby my student-teachers authored materials for teaching English through cell-phones. We prepared materials for developing linguistic and grammatical competence in children. It was indeed a wonderful experience.

Geeta Shetty

LJ said...

Geeta, I am currently working on a project with Microsoft. We are looking to interview teachers from the U.K., India, the Netherlands, South Africa and the U.S. on the diverse ways mobile technology is used to support educational practices.  
If you know of teachers who would be interested in participating (their school would receive a $100 donation for their participation in the interview), could you please direct them to use the following link to complete a one-minute screening questionnaire?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Lois Logan
Lime Design Associates