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Monday, October 02, 2006

More Podcasting Educational Resources

My wife is a Music and Spanish teacher at a local private school and I've been working with her for the past few months on how she can enhance her teaching through mLearning and other technology.
Recently, I've discovered a plethora of podcasts available for Music and Spanish education that anyone from elementary students to adults can use:

Spanish Learning Podcast Blog - This is a great site that is full of podcasts and other resources to learn Spanish. Applicable for all levels. Download a sample podcast here-> Also check out Voice Genesis , a service that InstaSpanish uses to download podcasts to mobile phones.

EdTech Musician has podcasts and video casts available for more advanced music students. Download the feed here. Or download a sample podcast here.

Some more educational podcasting resources for teachers:

The Education Podcast Network
Podcast Directory List
Podcast Directory for Teachers - from the UK
Podcast Networks
Podcast Alley
Podscope - search on a specific word in a audio file
VodStock - a vodstock directory

The more I work with my wife on her lessons, the more I realize that mLearning is far more prevalent than once thought. Teachers, designers, and enthusiasts all around the world are creating mLearning tools without realizing it. I am beginning to think that once everyone gets over the stigma of mLearning being somehow cutting edge and out of reach, there will be a worldwide explosion.


Chris Smith said...

For Podcasting information .. with a teaching and learning relevance then visit OR

Matthew Nehrling said...

Good links. Thanks Chris

Leon said...

One can find a lot of education podcasts links in a new site Learn On The Go - education & learning podcast directory. It contains carefully selected educational and instructional podcasts covering wide variety of topics.