Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Will at Work Learning's Storefront Learning Challenge

Will at Work Learning has an interesting challenge- the Storefront Learning Challenge

Explanation: One of our goals in the learning and performance field is to enable transfer, to help our learners minimize forgetting so that they can remember what they've learned over a long long time. This contest has no rules except this one: Try to capture in a storefront photograph, some insight, truth, or humorous notion regarding our field---the training, development, learning, performance, e-learning field(s). Give it a title, caption, and/or explanation if you like. Tell us the earth location of the storefront.

I humbly submit:
Closed Knowledge (Asakusa Japan)

Although many learning metaphors can be derived from Closed Knowledge, what stood out to me was that- Learning Will Happen. Even if we don't design or deliver the learning- aka, the Store is Closed, our students will find a way to learn. Our participants are hungry for knowledge and they will come to us for it. If we are 'closed' that doesn't mean learning stops, it simply means that our students will get knowledge from other sources.

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