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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Life Tools- Power & Time

This provided a good life lesson on balance and priority of power from a Masonic newsletter I received today: (this is unlrelated to design)

...The Twenty-four-inch gauge is an instrument used by operative Masons to measure and lay out their work, but in speculative Freemasonry we are taught by its symbolism to divide our time into three equal parts, whereby are found eight hours for refreshment and sleep, eight for our usual vocations and eight for the service of God and humanity. There is an object in view and an end to be attained. It is, therefore, a symbol of purpose.

Power is the ability to act so as to produce change land cause event. Purpose is the idea or object kept before the mind as an end of effort or action....

Power directed by a good purpose is constructive, and results in achievement. It keeps the cars on the tracks and the wires in the air, it turns the wheels of man's industry and carries the commerce of continents as upon a mighty shoulder...

The lesson is definite and practical. The twenty-four- inch gauge and the common gavel speak to every Mason the language of constructive purpose land personal power. They mean that a Mason should cherish his ideals, the beauty that forms in the mind, the music that stirs in his heart, the glory that drapes his purest purpose, for out of these things he has the power to build for himself la new world in which to live.

From THE SHORT TALK BULLETIN The Masonic Service Association of the United States VOL. 6 April 1928 NO. 4


Masonic Traveler said...
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Masonic Traveler said...

The 24 inch gauge is a beautiful symbol of how to construct the time of the self.