Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wikis at Work

This article, Wikis at Work from, asks us, could wikis work for you (at your workplace)?
This is something I've been considering and looking for an opportunity to implement for a while.

Here are some snips from the article:

While chaos would seem to reign with wikis, workers — and especially technology workers, including developers, project managers, QA, and product managers — often prize wikis as a way to keep projects quickly and easily organized. Various organizations, including British Telecom, Disney, Motorola, Texas Instruments, and Yahoo!, have adopted wikis for their IT project teams...

Why use a wiki? According to Vanessa DiMauro, a principal at Leader Networks and an expert in online communities and social networking, wikis excel at uniting geographically dispersed project teams, “connecting project management and senior technical staffs with clients and project managers,” and sharing non-static, internal company information, including “prospecting lists, user manuals, and employee directories.” ...

Wikis differ from other collaborative tools — including groupware, e-mail, online communities, instant messaging, intranets, and Microsoft’s Groove and SharePoint — because they allow information to be shared and retrieved in a free-form yet user-structured manner.

Read the entire article here:

I plan to begin a log here into our deciding on and building a wiki collaboration platform here at my work. I am also planning to work on ways to publish and retrieve the contents through mobile devices, truly fusing mLearning and Web 2.0.

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