Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Answering LinkedIn: Will it (mLearning) become a worthy alternative for ILT/CBT/eLearning?

There was an interesting question posted on LinkedIn recently.

mLearning is the talk of the day. Will it become a worthy alternative for ILT/CBT/eLearning?

This question does go to show that people still look at mLearning as a replacement for eLearning instead of a tool to be used in the learning function.

To properly look at mLearning, one needs to not think of the 'm' in mLearning as 'mobile' and instead replace it with the term 'my' (as in myLearning). This is because the key to mLearning's success thus far has been that people are becoming more and more mobile and devices are becoming capable of accessing a wide variety of content. We are at the branch point now where 'mobile learning' has lost its newness and now we can clearly look at it as another tool in our chest.
mLearning should fit the need of:
The Right Content
on the Right Device
in the Right Format
at the Right Time
in the Right Context

mLearning is exploding right now, but, if any of us thinks it will replace the ILT/CBT type learning, then we will lose it's true power.

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jnxyz said...

Absolutely. Did tv replace radio? But you'd never go back now to a pre-mLearning day after having been exposed to its reach and the rich experience it enables.