Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Educational Development for the Gameboy Generation

Educational Development for the Gameboy Generation

An interesting opportunity is popping its head out in the future of M-Learning. Portable video game devices could hold the key to creating easy to use interactive training programs.

Devices such as the Nintendo DS raise the bar even higher by providing collaborative gaming. The Nokia N-Gage brings an expandable platform of gaming and mobile communications to the forefront.

With these innovations, the real gap is raising the interest among developers to venture in the educational field.

The University of Michigan school of education has ventured in the development of educational programs for the Gameboy Advance. Two games are currently available to try out including a math and spelling skills game.

The original full article was posted at www.mlearningworld.com . We are currently attempting to gather archives of this site and we'll post the complete article at that time.

This article was also referenced in the Australian Flexible Learning Framework symposium and in the publication, Learning on the Move- Mobile Technologies in Business and Education, by Kristine Peters.

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