Monday, September 25, 2006

Ethics and Mobile Learning: Should We Worry? (from the eLearning Queen)

As a student, instructor, or e-learning institution administrator, are there ethical issues in mobile learning? If so, are they the same as ones one might expect in e-learning? This post discusses several of the more worrisome ethical issues that could accompany mobile learning and suggests approaches to raise awareness. The goal is to avoid ethically problematic design or behaviors. Some of the other issues are not as easily addressed.

1. Privacy issues. detail

2. Uniformity of access. detail

3. Non-biased, culturally equitable delivery and expectations. detail

4. Language barriers. Multiple delivery modes / redundancies. detail

5. Learning preferences. detail

6. Equity of instruction. detail

7. Posting and other concerns. detail

8. Recognizing consequences of actions in an impersonal and sometimes
invisible world. detail

9. Cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking. detail

10. Types of serious games, simulations. detail

11. Gender issues - relationships vs. justice. detail

Read all the detail or download the podcast at the eLearning Queen's blog.

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