Monday, June 30, 2008

Learning Solutions Mag- Mainstreaming Mobile Learning

In this month's Learning Solutions Magazine, there is a great article on Mainstreaming Mobile Learning.

Discussion of Mobile Learning (m-Learning) has been going on for almost ten years, and
we only now seem to be approaching actual deployment. However, there are still some barriers. In anticipation of the upcoming Guild Research 360° Report on Mobile Learning, an industry expert this week presents a summary of what it will take to bring m-Learning to real life in whatever neighborhood you happen to find yourself.

Click here to read this great article. Come back and discuss in the comments section. Also, if you haven't joined yet, the eLearning Guild is, in my opinion, the best Learning Technology industry group you can join. Unlike some other organizations, there is a lot more emphasis on practical application and instruction in the eLearning Guild.

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jnxyz said...

joining the guild now Mathew - about time mLearning was being seen as part of the mainstream. I'm seeing a few signs of this over here in Australia - hooray!