Tuesday, July 01, 2008

OnPoint Digital CellCast- Opinions

Has anyone had a chance to use OnPoint Digital Cellcast?  OnPoint seems to offer an interesting mLearning tool, allowing users to create audio, video, or assessments sent to mobile devices.  This looks like a service our readers would be interested in, however, I would like to hear from anyone who has used this service. 

Click here for more information on OnPoint's Digital Cellcast.


Rick Daniels said...

I have recently found this service and am trying to sell to our upline to trial a course with it. The price seems high, but if you compare the manpower for production, this may return a significant ROI.

Rick D
IBM Global Training

Robert Gadd said...

Seeing is believing (as is hearing I suppose). We're currently running mobile programs for a variety of Global 2000 companies including an array of tech companies, carriers/MVOs, financial services and retail customers. The biggest trend/uptick in interest has come from enterprises with large numbers of RIM BBs and Apple iPhones as well. Interesting, the addition of a Mobile Widget onto a phone has made a significant difference in getting teams to think about better ways to manage their audio and message-based content as it can now be mixed in with other audio, video and even PPT content for delivery on a supported smart phone. We'd be happy to arrange a pilot for anyone who's interested in seeing/hearing this all first hand too. And in terms of Rick's comment on pricing, the average enterprise customer is paying $1-$3/user/month for the service including all the transactional fees. Not bad considering what they pay for devices and plans for those devices.

Robert Gadd, President (OnPoint Digital, Inc).