Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Time really does fly.....

I cannot believe it has been a month since I posted anything to mLearning-World. With a large pilot training launch that required 200% attention to taking a nice week long sabbatical from anything work and computer related during Thanksgiving, I feel very refreshed and ready to explore.

For everyone who has sent me e-mails asking me to look at their projects or other issues, I promise to catch up shortly. For all of the open questions on LearnCircuits, some questions will have to come in small chunks.

For myself, the past month has been a full learning opportunity, not always good. Some key lessons I have learned:

  • Those who believe in eLearning stand by it to the bitter end- Those who believe in traditional learning, likewise, stand by it to the bitter end- rarely do those on either side of the issue look at the benefits of blending those styles.
  • One cannot, in less than a month, rush out a pilot eLearning replacement program and expect it to be welcomed or immediately improve upon a blended solution that has been in development for years.
  • A pilot launch is, in itself, a learning tool- especially when trying something new or shaking up 'the system'.
  • sometimes it is good to be just a cog. A successful car has one engine made up of many cogs.
  • Brent may have the right idea regarding being a free agent.
  • Life goes on. A successful project is one you can grow and learn from, not one that always makes everyone happy.

All in all, this seems like a vent but it really isn't. As you can tell, my recent project didn't go to the standard I like to achieve. While there are many factors for this, all we can do is learn lessons and move on. I still believe that this was a success in proving a concept, especially considering we are comparing a three week developed course to a course that has been developed, re-developed and perfected over the past several years. Considering the L3 results were almost identical- I am not completely dissatified with what happened.

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