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Thursday, December 07, 2006

How to Keep E-learners from E-scaping

My boss sent me this yesterday and I thought it would be good to note it here for reference:

How to Keep E-learners from E-scaping - Jim Moshinski, July 2001.

  • Objectives should be written that demonstrate the usefulness of instruction matched with authentic exercises and concrete examples directly applicable to their daily struggles in the workplace.
  • The course should contain goals with specific standards of performance that can be completed in a short time.
  • We should blatantly answer the question for the learner - what is in it for me.
  • When instruction is divided into compact 20 minute or less learning chunks the material can be effectively presented to the learner in a digestible fashion.
  • Practice ROPES - Review pre-requisites, Overview of job specific objectives, interactive Presentation of new material, job related Exercises, brief Summary.
  • Build on the familiar - Learners become motivated by lessons that incorporate their beliefs and examples of things they can relate to. Online learning should tie the instruction to the learners prior knowledge and experience.
  • Learners will accept moderate amounts of unfamiliar content but the designer should incorporate analogies with familiar content frequently.
  • Letting the employee know how well they are learning the content and performing the new task acts as an incentive for greater effort.

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