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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mobile Learning - Learn Chinese Online or Off

From: TerenceOnline: An eLearning Resource Center: Mobile Learning - Learn Chinese Online or Off

Keeping with the theme of foreign languages and online learning, I found a website that uses blogs, rss, podcasts, and other web 2.0 technologies to teach Mandarin Chinese . As China continues to be a huge player in the global economy, businesses and schools are rushing to learn the language. is a good place to start and may be an excellent resource for Mandarin Chinese language teachers to incorporate into their classroom. See the following information from their site to learn more.


Pat said...

Hi guys,
As I learn Chinese in China, I have the opportunity to try out many offline and online Chinese learning materials. I'd like to share some of these materials. First is a highly customizable Chinese English dictionary . I also use this tutorial that teaches me Chinese writing . If you get stuck or have any questions concerning learning Chinese, you can use this Chinese learning forum. I hope these resources would help you learn Mandarin quickly and efficiently. Take care guys! :-)

Westernwood Koo said...

I also learn mandarin in Beijing Chinese School ( ). I like to learn Chinese in live class with teachers from Beijing directly. I also like to practice mandarin with volunteers freely everyday. Watching Chinese mandarin learning TV on CLTV is also interesting and helpful to practice listening and learn more about Mandarin

Learn Chinese Website said...

There are a lot of website of learning Chinese, but I think Learn Chinese Website is the best and the most interesting free resources.