Tuesday, April 29, 2008

iGo uGo weGo moGo! Mogopop your iPod and 5 other mLearning Ideas (More from technoLOTE.com)

technoLOTE.com is becoming a great mLearning resource. Here are some more iPod/mLearning ideas from technoLOTE.

This post is a follow on from iPod mLearn oCool!

Most students at most schools will own, if not, have access to, at least one device that can be used for mlearning. iPods and mp3 players are a great place to start - especially if school policy doesn’t allow mobile phones in classrooms. I don’t have the option of using mobile phones in the classroom (as much as I would like to) simply because we don’t get phone reception at our little school in our little country town! One major advantage of integrating some form of mlearning into your courses is that it leaves classtime for other activities that you may not have originally had time for. I’m hoping to use some mlearning to get my students to learn certain amounts of vocabulary so that instead of explicitly teaching the meaning of words in class we can spend the time chatting to other classes on Skype, or creating wikis, blogs and movies.

Some mlearning Ideas for your LOTE classroom:

  • Create vocab lists for students to learn and review (this could be audio or visual for mp3 players)

  • Create recordings of dialogues for students to listen to repeatedly

  • Record grammar explanations and any other part of your class that students might need to hear more than once

  • Create iPod quizzes. First search the iTunes store for iQuiz and purchase it for $1.69. Then you can play the built in Quizzes (US based music and movie stuff) or you can create your own quizzes by using iQuiz Maker.The quizzes can have True/False or Multiple Choice questions or a mixture of the two.

  • Create simple question and answer .txt files that will display on an iPod. Just create a file of whatever you need and put it in the Notes folder in the iPod. If they are .txt files they will then display on the iPod screen. Students could simply scroll through questions and answers or a block of text you need them to read. Yes, they could just read a book or a photocopied piece of paper, but there is a chance they will be more engaged and more likely to actually read it if they can do so on their iPod - and maybe study on the bus on the way home without others knowing what they are doing!

  • I’m not an expert on how to use mobile/cell phones and am a bit unsure about their capabilities - how would you use them for mlearning activities?

  • Mogopop your iPod!

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