Sunday, April 27, 2008

From Corporate eLearning Blog- Request for Training via Blackberry

"I am looking for the ability to send an email to all our Attorneys via
BlackBerry (1000+) that contains a link. Upon clicking the link a multimedia
file will either download and play or stream (with buffer). The multimedia file
can be actual video or a PowerPoint-type stack that contains audio and automatic slide changes or similar functionality. I understand the BB does not have a
Flash driver, yet, but that might be optimal, if it is in the works.The critical
factor is that our Attorneys do not have to open up a separate application on
the BB and drill down to play a file and that the file includes audio and visual
information (slides or video). Currently I have tested Chalk and Sona Media
Player. Both play video, but I did not see the ability to launch it via an email
link. Also, I took a look at Impatica's technical specifications and they were
conspicuously silent regarding audio.I am told that the BB 9000's will play
PowerPoint, but have not had a chance to get my hands on one to see if that
includes audio. Cost is also a factor, so attrition of old units for new ones is
more viable than purchasing a whole integrated system (e.g., new BES server
software, or license per user pricing), especially if newer units will include
this basic functionality.Of course, this functionality can be accomplished on a
mobile phone. Nevertheless, all our Attorneys carry BlackBerries. Thanks for
your help with this. I don't mind answering questions, having this request
posted somewhere for discussion, or beta testing (non-disclosure OK, agreement
for purchase NOT) device software (not BES software). The vendor who can rise to the challenge will conquer the Attorney Training market"

I have recommended the following solutions (from an email conversation):

First, this should be easy to download so just having a formatted video is important. Of course, your client will need a host server for the video. You can use a product like the Blackberry Video Generator.

This product will create optimized videos for the Blackberry (used on the Pearl and it works, they should have a version for the 9000.) They can then store the file (AVI) on a web server, send thelink to the file via email, and it will trigger a download. (Save>Open should be automatic prompt)

A few other creative ways one could do this via streaming video would be to use one of the streaming webcam viewer software applications like this.

What solutions would my readers recommend? Please visit the Corporate eLearning blog link at the top of this article and submit your recommendations.

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