Friday, May 02, 2008

Nokia gets educational with M4Girls pilot project. | GoMo News

Nokia gets educational with M4Girls pilot project. GoMo News

In a bold move to turn handsets into a more educational tool Nokia have teamed up with the not for profit organisation Mindset Network and the South African Government’s Department of Education in order to trial a pilot project based around the Nokia 6300 handsets. Called M4Girls the handsets come loaded with educational material designed to “help improve the mathematics performance of Grade 10 girl learners.”

Reportedly, the initiative will be piloted in two South African schools, and students lucky enough to take advantage will have access to educational games and other material created to meet the needs of the national curriculum according to Engadget Mobile.

In a Nokia press release they expand on their aims. “This project demonstrates the potential of mobile phones to enable social development and improve education especially in underprivileged areas, ” says Micheline Ntiru, Head of Nokia’s Community Involvement Programs in the Middle East and Africa. “Young people are increasingly using their phones to gain knowledge via the internet, social networking and interaction with their peers, so it makes sense to introduce learning through these devices. By combining Nokia handsets with innovative content, and the enthusiasm of the teachers and pupils this scheme creates an opportunity to really help create new skills and opportunities.”

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