Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Can 'Mobile' Help Teachers?

I have many posts in drafts, but I've found finishing my posts (including an answerback to eLearning Guild) often takes many hours of thought. Finishing is often on my mind in projects as they seem to go on and on with revisions after revisions......but.... something that has jumped out in the mLearning world is simply how mLearning can improve your average teacher.

I am doing a personal study as to how mLearning is helping my wife- a music and Spanish teacher at a private school. She has embraced podcasts and other interesting teaching tools that involve mLearning, but my challenge this month is to help her organize.

I purchased my wife a Palm Zire Z22- a PDA under $100 that any teacher could justify buying.
I will document how this simple, cheap device can help her in her schoolwork and planning her classes.

Challenge? YES? I have bought my wife many PDAs but the difference in the Zire Z22 is that it is SIMPLE- no games to distract her, no Bluetooth, no Internet browser.. sometimes you need to step back a few step sto get on the right path.

mLearning is sometimes not about jumping ahead of the technology curve; sometimes it is about jumping backwards to get on the right path........