Monday, June 04, 2007

eLearning DevCon 07- mLearning Session Updates

I've received a lot of emails asking for information on the two sessions I was scheduled to present at eLearning DevCon 07. Unfortunately, some situations have changed and I won't be attending DevCon. I will, however, post the information from these presentations here at  I am also working on creating a 'virtual' session through SecondLife.  When I am able to source a meeting hall & time, I'll post the information for these sessions here.

For more information on eLearning DevCon 07, click here.

Information on the two sessions I was originally scheduled to present:

mLearning is Here-
In almost every mLearning conference & presentation, we've been told that mLearning is the 'next big thing'. From more powerful PDAs, the $100 laptop, the iPod, to SmartPhones, every speaker has always touted the upcoming mLearning revolution.

Generally, these speeches have included disclaimers about the roadblocks to this 'revolution'. Be it battery life, screen size, non standardized devices, or technology adoption, there was always something that prevented the revolution from happening now.

This course discusses how the mLearning revolution is already happening, only it has, like it's generation's (X) early adopters, rebelled against being labeled.

We will look at examples of how mLearning is going on all around us from toddlers to large corporations.

This course is designed to stop people from waiting for the mLearning revolution and instead, jump on board.

Start a mLearning Program Today-
Rapid and Cheap Create Rapid and Cheap Mobile Learning with tools such as text messaging, podcasting and rss feeds.

It is wrongly assumed that mobile learning is 'around the corner.' The fact is mobile learning is here and booming. This program will describe how to quickly create and deploy an mLearning strategy with tools your organization may already have.

In this course, we'll look at how to use text messaging in the classroom for interactive games, creating short podcasts that can be downloaded to different devices and use rss feeds to quickly disperse information to your employees.