Friday, April 27, 2007

OK, I give up.. Second Life IS a learning tool.

I've often stated that anything can be used as a learning tool, even the common stick, however, I have been hesitant to do anything with MMPORPGs as the time required to really become a part of these environments is far more than I have- heck, lately I have little time to even update this blog.

Last night, however, I stumbled across a virtual seminar in Second Life sponsored by BSU and EDUTech about using virtual gaming environments in education.  My eyes were opened to the possibility of Second Life.  Not only was I learning about using virtual gaming environments in education, but I was attending this in a virtual gaming environment.

The implications of this are far beyond what people thing of when games are mentioned.  Case in point, our new management structure within our department doesn't have the same belief in the importance of attending eLearning conferences such as DevCon.  With virtual worlds, such as Second Life, conferences suddenly become accessable to everyone.

Maybe when I earn enough lindens, I'll create an mLearning group on Second Life...