Friday, February 06, 2009

Who are the post-millennials?

We've been thinking a lot about the millennial generation, but I've come to realize that within a few years, the next generation will start hitting middle school and the computing world. The post-millennials, born in the mid 90s, have not had a transition period into technology. Their parents, GenX or GenY, from before the post-millennials where born, have been bombarding them with technology.

We've all seen movies where women put headphones on their belly to give their unborn children a head start with Motzart music. These children will never know dial-up. Cracking a book in college will something in the history books. Video games will never be solo, but always an interactive experience.

We have all had the concern that keeping up with the millennials technological demands would be a challenge, but what of their younger siblings or children? Possibly, they may revert and become educational Luddites, but I truly doubt this.

My question is triggered from the thought that as education professionals, we are always behind the curve, trying to react to each generation's needs. Now, maybe if we start thinking about the need early, we may be ahead of the curve. What can we put in place to nurture them early, where there transition is smooth, and education doesn't follow technology, it is integrated with it.

Just a thought for open discussion.