Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Training Top 125- Kudos to my team!!

I just wanted to pass along some kudos to the great team I work with. For the sixth year in a row, we've won this award, and this year, we jumped up to #37 in this worldwide ranking (35 place increase from last year) . In addtion, a company we spun off last year made the top 125.

Our team also won a Best Practice Award for a sales training program.

From the presentation document:

Alltel Communications, Inc. “Leading It Right” was created and delivered to this communications provider’s frontline leaders based on the company’s core values and how its leaders display those values in the context of their jobs. A required course for all frontline managers—and open to other interested employees—more than 2,100 employees attended the program in 2006. “Leading it Right - Operations,” for other senior management, emphasizes how to leverage coaching engagements, provide practical leadership techniques, and how to serve as coaches for frontline leaders. According to Alltel, thanks to these programs, there has been a noted improvement in employee morale, job satisfaction, and greater understanding of Alltel’s values. BP

Windstream Communications Specific training at this communications company is followed by course assessments developed by its content management system. In the Call Center New Hire Program, a quiz is created every week that features five to 10 questions assessing the rep’s understanding of weekly updates.
Supervisors review scores to determine if more explanation is needed on a rep-by-rep basis, with scores recorded in an online database for documentation.