Saturday, June 16, 2007

Elliot Masie's Learning 2007 Conference

It's time to register for Learning 2007

Dear Learning & Training Colleagues:

You are invited! Learning 2007 is the annual global gathering of learning professionals focused on Learning Changes!

  • Changing Learning Content: Faster, Shorter, View/Listen, Collaborative, Search

  • Changing Learners: Impatient, Overwhelmed, Self-Service, New & Retiring

  • Changing Learning Systems: Evolving LMS, LCMS, Authoring, Social Networks

  • Changing Learning Issues: Governance, Talent, Assessment, Compliance

  • Changing Learning Models: e-Learning, Classroom, Gaming, Performance Support

Join Dan Pink (A Whole New Mind), Jenny Zhu (ChinesePod), Tony Bingham (ASTD), Don Tapscott (Wikinomics), Jane McGonigal (Performance/Gaming), Bob Pike (Creative Training) and our two dozen Learning Deans (CLOs of Key Corporations) as we discuss how Learning Changes!

Learning 2007 is presented by our Learning CONSORTIUM and co-hosted by ASTD. Check out the content, activities and learning options that are detailed on this site.