Sunday, September 21, 2008

mLearning and Geocaching

GPS-based spatial learning (geocaching) is a new form of mobile learning for me. I had the chance to experience it in person recently and came away with a new tool in my mLearning kit. Basically, it entails being out and about, using a GPS to find items placed around a physical site.

With our guide (Teacher Alan Morely, who has developed the program) dressed as a pirate, we ventured out all over a university campus, deciphering clues to find a treasure. Along the way, we learnt some of the basics of using a GPS such as its digital compass, latitude and longitude readout, and how it only works when moving and out in the open.

As far as getting students out of the classroom, the potential of using mobile GPS devices in this way almost limitless. From scenario-based projects like our treasure hunt, to mapping or distance, angles, degrees etc, it has the advantage of being highly practical, while providing a built-in movement/kinesthetic element that many learners need for their learning to go into long term memory.

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