Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Info on Alltel's Podcasting Service


  • Kyocera KX5
  • Slider Remix
  • LG AX355
  • LG AX390
  • LG AX4750
  • LG AX5000
  • LG UX4270
  • LG VX3200
  • Motorola V3c (RAZR)
  • Motorola V710
  • Motorola e815

Axcess Mobilcast brings exciting podcasts and radio programs to your mobile phone. Podcasts are like radio shows. Each show consists of a series of episodes or compilation of music you can listen to on your phone. The main menu shows a list of channels such as music, news, movies/TV and comedy. The user navigates through the menu in iPod style, using the left and right arrow keys. To listen to a podcast, simply click “Listen Now” and the episode will begin to play within a few seconds. If you are interrupted or need to pause the playback, the episode will resume playing where it left off. Axcess Mobilcast delivers an up-to-date catalog of podcasts to the phone over-the-air. The podcast catalog is organized by category for easy browsing. The catalog is updated regularly while in use. If users don’t find the podcast they’re looking for, a search feature is provided for users to search the full Axcess Mobilcast repository of more than 2,500 different podcasts from around the world.

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