Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sony PSP as Educational Handheld?

To facilitate some fun inspiration for the new year, I broke down and bought a Sony PSP. I've never been much of a gamer, and only recently have I delved into Second Life, however, with more and more educational games being made for the Sony PSP, I've decided it's time to jump into the foray.

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Value Pack

Of course, programming for the PSP isn't as easy as Flash, but it can be done. I've also decided to check out some of the existing PSP educational titles available. I'll add links from Amazon once I find them...

While I know that this is only one mLearning platform, it is something that is popular among our next gen learners. We as education professionals need to stay one step ahead of our learners less we come to a point where we are unable to educate as their expectations have surpassed us.


PSP Hacks, Mods, and Expansions

PSP Hacks: Tips & Tools for Your Mobile Gaming and Entertainment Handheld (Hacks)


Anonymous said...

A couple extra ideas for the PSP...

The PSP's browser is Flash compatible so if your students have wi-fi available, they can use Flash content on the web via the PSP. Ideally you want to make resources that are sized for the PSP screen but even generic Flash web content can still be pretty usable.

You can also play around with the image viewer to make what we've termed 'content stacks.' Here is an example, pre-sized for the PSP. Just load them into the PSP image viewer. As long as you keep the jpg naems intact, they should sort in the appropriate order.

Matthew Nehrling said...

Thanks Stephanie.
I've had little opportunity to do more than take it out of the box, however, it seems that the PSP has quite a lot of possibility.

I'm hoping to use more than the browser function, instead look at how game development can be incorporated into training with the device. I wil check out the example.

Thanks again.