Thursday, February 08, 2007

The February Big Question- What Question?

The Learning Circuits Blog has given us another challenge with their February Big Question: What Questions Should We Be Asking?

I am glad to see this question, it's about time we as education professionals ask instead of tell. We are often dictating to our learners the information we think they need. We are also 'telling' our learners that they must be taught following XX style because that is what a textbook taught us or what we learned from a speaker at some conference.

We should step back and really think about what responsibility we are placing on our learners. If we develop to some 'textbook' style, then not only are we giving our learners the responsibility of learning the knowledge we've given them, we often now are giving them the responsibility of conforming to our teaching methods.

Given that, my answer would be for us as educators to ask our learners:

What do you need from us?

I believe we will be surprised when we go to our learners that they may have a completely different answer than our assumptions.

Responses thus far:

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