Monday, August 27, 2007

Kids, Mobiles and the what it all means

Yes, the issue that won't go away - especially as far as schools are concerned. Not only is there the problem of them being stolen from students bags, there's the 'status' problem for kids who don't have them, and cyber-bullying for those who do. Despite this, there is a huge potential for the use of mobile phones in learning, especially for those school districts whose ICT funds still go largely to maintaining desktop labs.

I know at my school, up to a third of upper students have them - even if only a percentage have camera's or bluetooth capability, there still may be 100 or more mobile devices in my school every day - certainly swamps the 5 PDA's I have access to.

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You are right the issues are not going to go away. But mobile phones do offer so many opportunities for mlearning. However it will become hard in mobile phones are banned in schools, in Western Australia our Education Minister is looking at guidelines to make this happen.