Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Developing Us! M-Learning and More… Mobile Learning

Leonard Low once again provides us a brilliant discussion on developing mLearning and more.

» Developing Us! M-Learning and More… Mobile Learning

There are many barriers to teachers trying out and using new and innovative approaches in teaching and learning. It can be hard to find the time to explore and develop new ideas; online “social learning” sites such as YouTube may be blocked; or teachers may not be able to access equipment or funds needed to try out new ideas (such as for mobile learning activities). And that’s if a given teacher even has the inclination to pursue innovative teaching and learning practices; while most teachers are at least interested in new ideas for teaching, there are many more who are just fine with doing it the way they’ve always done it, and see no reason to change.


jnxyz said...

Hey Mathew! I'd just pointed to the same Lepnard Low article! Nice zeitgeist! and looking forward ot the mobile blogging also.

Anonymous said...

Great article on using Ipod for education . How extensive do you think is this among FORTUNE 1000 firms?