Friday, April 24, 2009

Now on Twitter

OK, I took the plunge, I am finally on Twitter @MobileLearn.

I need your help. What are the best ways to use Twitter? Are there good ways to link posts and threads from blogs or Facebook there and vice versa? Any best practices, hints or ideas for how to use it?

Your feedback would be great.


Bob Sanregret said...

Twitter success seems to be measured as to how many people follow you - in comparission to FACEBOOK which is how many people ACCEPT you as friends - There is a PONY in that BARN somewhere!

James Clay said...

Twitter is not about followers (despite what the celebs say) it is much more about the conversation and the coffee.

bill7tx said...

In my experience, it is much more important to follow (and be highly selective in who you follow), than it is to be followed.

Blogger has a widget that posts your tweetstream automatically on your weblog page. So does Facebook.

I would suggest only very sparing use of RT (re-tweet) and DM (private messages). These do not contribute to conversations with the community.

Mark as Favorites tweets that you want to be able to find and reference.

Make good use of Tweetie if you have an iPhone. Tweetdeck is ok for organizing streams, BUT ... it creates problems with memory and with other applications if you leave it running all the time.

Set up an Evernote account. You can tweet directly to Evernote, either publicly or privately (privately is my exception to the "don't DM" suggestion).

USE HASHTAGS!!!! This is essential to organizing content and helping others organize yours. Along with hashtags, learn to use

Hope this helps. These are some of my "lessons learned" in over a year on Twitter.

Matt Stenson said...

I would suggest setting up a account. They allow you to post status updates to multiple social networks at once and you can post using sms, e-mail, google widgets etc. We have been discussing management muliple online identities and networks at lately so you might want to have a listen. You can also follow us at @edtechpodcast :)