Thursday, November 04, 2010

Apple Loosens Development Restrictions on AppTech Developers Using Adobe Flash Tools

HOUSTON, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- AppTech Corp. (Pink Sheets: APCX) reported today that Apple's recently announced policy of loosening restrictions on use of outside development tools should substantially assist AppTech in the execution of its plan to translate and port over iPhone apps to other operating systems, such as Google Android.

Eric Ottens, CEO of AppTech Corp. stated, "Apple's loosening its policies on the ability for app developers to utilize third party tools is a strong positive step for AppTech. Apple has been such a dominant player in the app market that the previous rules restricted AppTech's ability to speedily bring apps to market on Google Android and Symbian, which are popular systems in emerging markets such as Brazil and Latin America that we wish to penetrate. Apple's new policy will facilitate the opening of new markets for us and together with our technical partners, will expedite the implementation of the AppTech international marketing plans."

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Hmmm.. could there be an Apple/Adobe truce on the horizon?


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