Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mLearning Book to Blog

Sometimes you have to make one of those decisions. I've been working on an mLearning book for several years now but life takes its twists and turns and I have files upon files of notes with no time to put it together. I've decided I'm simply going to share them with the world. Especially that through various corporate mergers and job shifts, I no longer have an mLearning focus (albeit it is still a small part of the job).

As time permits, over the next year I'll be sharing 101 Ways to go Mobile with your Learning!

These aren't your typical studies on what content development tools or LMS integration strategies you get in many mLearning books out there. Instead, these are practical solutions that you can implement tomorrow with no help from any technical support.

As a side note, although I want to keep this blog, I am considering selling the top level domain mLearning-World.com and 2mLearn.mobi. I really don't have a need for them at this time and the .com has first page level Google rankings for various eLearning and mLearning search terms. If you are interested (serious only) drop me an email at mobilelearn@gmail.com

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