Saturday, August 03, 2013

Help Spread the Message- Scholarship Fund

I apologize I've been very neglectful of this site and I do have some big plans coming for it, especially as mLearning is starting to become as standard as the QRG in classrooms.

I want to take a moment to spread the word about a Scholarship Fund I've started that is doing some great things for some well deserving students.

The West Rusk Scholarship fund goal is to provide full scholarships for the this year's graduating students of West Rusk High School to East Texas Baptist University.

You can find more information on this scholarship fund on our Facebook page here:

Please "Like" and "Share" this page to help get the word out.


The back story to this scholarship is very interesting. In May, filmmaker Nicholas Sturghill promised every student from West Rusk what seemed to be a miracle; they will never have to face paying for college out of their own pockets. Sturghill promised every student in this school to pay in full their tuition to East Texas Baptist University. The students and parents saw this as a miracle, but sadly, it was a miracle that never came true.

As the days and weeks passed and the deadline for the first payment to ETBU approached, no money arrived from Sturghill. Finally, just a few days before the payment was due, his business manager made a statement that it was all a misunderstanding. What this meant for these students is the sad thought that they now could not go to college. Out of the 16 that were accepted to ETBU, 10 were ready to drop out and possibly put off going to college while they saved up to pay tuition.

This is where the West Rusk Scholarship fund comes in. Instead of waiting for some benefactor to save the day, I started the fund for the community to come together for these students. What we thought would be a small fund, possibly raising a few thousand dollars has become an unbelievable miracle.

In the past few days, well over $100,000 has been raised for this fund with an additional $150,000 in scholarships also being made available through the school. Now, instead of facing not being able to afford college, 15 of the 16 students have resumed their plans to attend.

While this is an amazing show of support, a lot more needs to be done. Please share our story and the Facebook page to help not just our community hear about this and possibly help, but the entire world.

Remember, no first step is ever too small.

Thank You
-Matthew Nehrling

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