Wednesday, November 29, 2006

10 Reasons E-Learning Initiatives Fail (and how to avoid them!)

GeoLearning is hosting a webinar on December 6th, 12pm CST- 10 Reasons E-Learning Initiatives Fail (and how to avoid them!).

From the invite:

If you’ve ever headed up an enterprise e-learning initiative, you know the path to success can be fraught with pitfalls. This 1-hour virtual session will address the top 10 reasons e-learning initiatives fail and—more importantly—how they can be avoided. You’ll learn about the potential oversights and missteps involved in building a business case, identifying requirements, selecting technology and content, evaluating services, and launching a successful program. If you’re a stakeholder, manager or play a supporting role in your organization’s e-learning initiative, this session will arm you with the practical know-how to avoid the biggest pitfalls.

This 1-hour virtual session will address:

  • How to build an airtight business case and align your e-learning strategy with your organization’s core business objectives.
  • How to identify “pain or gain” issues within your organization to win buy-in from executives, functional managers and front-line employees.
  • How to use a systematic approach to evaluate e-learning vendors, technologies and services.
  • How to plan the rollout of your e-learning initiative for maximum impact and success.

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