Friday, December 01, 2006

? mLearn: The Perfect Ed Tech Device?

In this article, Jonathan Nalder explores if the new $100 mini-laptops or advanced handheld (or $140 depending on the model) are the 'perfect' mLearning device.

jnxyz eNews: mLearn: The Perfect Ed Tech Device?

While the prospect of a $100 laptop does expand the possibility of mLearning being widely accepted, in my opinion, this is not the seed of any sort of mLearning revolution.

Many years ago, as mLearning was just beginning to sprout, Clark Quinn put it best when he stated that mLearning is (paraphrased):
The Right Content
delivered to
The Right Device
at the
Right Time
in the
Right Context

Where we as eLearning practitioners seem to fail is we keep looking for the perfect device to support mLearning. Instead, it is time to realize that the perfect mLearning device is whatever device our audience already has.

This could be a cell phone, PDA, laptop, iPod, or other device.

The mLearning revolution will take off when eLearning professionals undergo an evolution and start creating content that can be reused by all sorts of devices and formats, both mobile and static.

As long as we wait for the right device, our audience will pass us by and the revolution will fizzle.

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