Saturday, August 04, 2007

Everyone Welcome our Newest Author- Jonathan Nalder

I've decided that is not just about my opinions and experience, but should be more of an open forum.  With this said, I've invited several new authors to share their experience.  
Our newest author is Jonathan Nadler

Jonathan Nalder is a 32 year old Learning Support Teacher currently studying a Masters with a focus on integrating technology into education. Having first opted for a PDA instead of a desktop back in 2003, he has since set out to explore the rich world of mobile learning - where the advantages brought by technology can be accessed anywhere, not just in one lab, or on an old PC at the back of a classroom. First writing about mLearning in early 2006, Jonathan has now published over 60 articles and posts at, authored video podcasts (over 16,000 views at youtube and teachertube), and continued to explore the improved engagement and outcomes his students experience through being able to access digital devices such as Palm PDA's, digital camera's, voice recorders and even pedometers!

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Anonymous said...

It's about time you get some more writers on here. ;->

Daron W.
IES Sr. Technology Consultant