Thursday, August 02, 2007

mLearning is not just Mobile- m(y)Learning now means YOU.

I've received a lot of emails asking where I have been the past several months. Yes, I'm still alive. As other designers can attest, there are times when the you have so many large enterprise projects hitting that you just want to set your computer aside when you get home.

During this time I have been thinking about what mLearning really is and what should be the goal of

I've come to realize that the m in mLearning is far more than being mobile.
mLearning is the new paradigm of education. One could look at the m in mLearning as MY.

Being mobile is one part of mLearning, but the most important part is that education is
written and delivered to the learner in the way that is best suited for their specific function
and need at the time they receive the training.

With this said, I will be expanding mLearning world beyond Mobile Learning and look more at how learning can be personalized for all learners.

Mobile Learning will still be a large part of this site, first because it is a large part of my job and second,
because it is a crucial part of personalized learning.

In addition to expanding my scope, I have also decided to share mLearning-World. If you would like to take part in posting articles, please drop me an email at
I am looking for one or two people who would like to share your educational technology experience on this site.

Thanks for your patience, look for a lot more articles soon.

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jnxyz said...

Dear Mathew - I think you're very right about he 'm' being just a little about the 'my'. It's the convenience and control over learning that the mobility brings. I'd like to contribute to the blog - I've been writing about my own experiences as a teacher learning and using with mLearning for a while now at (also I have a passion for communicating its advantages to educators not normally inclined perhaps to pick up a mobile device... Anyway, lets know how you feel about it, I've recently started collaborating on a culture blog at intraspace.blogspot so have learned first hand the pluses of sharing the load! Ok, cheers,

Jonathan Nalder